4/15/24: Poetic Karma in Trump World?

The Stars sometimes align, the Gods sometimes scheme, and Fate can just plain suck

Gippolito Ndp
4 min readMar 26, 2024
Photo by Photoholgic on Unsplash Note: Trump did not stack these stones using The Force as a Jedi Knight

Monday, March 25th was a terribly mixed bag for Donald Trump.

As to the things that made him happy, put a pin in that and we’ll circle back around in a few minutes.

Here’s one, though, that he absolutely had to hate:

In what is called the “hush money case” in state court in Manhattan (Justice Merchan presiding, Alvin Bragg prosecuting), after watching his lead attorney, Todd Blanche, get blanched for a long time over some nonsensical arguments, Trump heard the footsteps of Karma pattering towards him and then … trial was re-set for April 15th.

Get it? Tax day!

Trial in that state court case commences on Tax Day for the guy who may well be the biggest tax cheat in America. Remember how the tax records (that it took years to get) showed that he’d paid virtually no income taxes for about a decade?

How’s that for karma? For hearing the Gods speak and the winds of Fate blowing? His trial in state court will begin on Tax day.

No doubt Trump will (has?) appealed the setting of the trial date and/or the denial of his several motions that led to that trial setting. I suspect…



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