“Burner phones” are just part of the story. They’re just phones, not magical devices that put people in touch without other help.

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Bill Maher said the Dems need a “Messaging Czar” because they don’t seem able to message effectively. I explore the notion.

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The image right below got me thinking this Thanksgiving Day, about Three Sisters I thankfully know

Portion of CNN.com main page Thanksgiving Day 2021. Screenshot by author

This is what we say when we know we absolutely f***ed up, but want to get everyone on a different page right away

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Is it part of Game Theory? Busking for what people will throw into your guitar case? That “players” should change?

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Donald Trump and others claim that the Jan. 6 Select Committee is just another Dem witch hunt. Let’s examine the hunter’s tasking memo

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Gippolito Ndp

Dad, G-dad, veteran, semi-retired lawyer, archaeologist, writer

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