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Just recently, a friend asked me an interesting question, and it really got me thinking. He asked me about the things I most wanted to be able to do with my time left here. For some background, we had already talked about what we were hoping for as a result of the recent Biden/Harris win — things that we would wish for in general, and also flowing from this new hope: a healthy and successful family, a united America, a proper and successful attack on COVID-19 with a minimum of additional illness and death, world peace — things like that.

Your insurer wants to make sure you’re not trying to kill yourself

You may be crazy but an insurer might think you took too many risks — on purpose or recklessly. Photo by author.

Look, this is America, and that means people can be stupid and careless, engage in needless risk, put themselves in danger — and apparently it also means those same people can put everyone else at risk as well, or at least a lot of folks seem to be alright with it these days. I think that’s about as f***ed up as anything can possibly be, and that the definition of America and American seems to have changed over the past 5 or so years.

I’m assuming, however, that if you’re silly enough to pretty-much-on-purpose expose yourself to illness and death…

There are lot responses he might get from himself or others, but none of them are likely to make him feel any better

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Poor Kevin McCarthy. Now there’s a fellow who just can’t seem to catch a break. And when things were going so well, too. This is Part 1 of a multi-part article, which explores how Kev got his *%#$ in a ringer; and perhaps even commiserates with him a little.

Holiday Season 2020–2021 C.E. (Common Era or Complicates Everything)

In the November election the GOP cut the Dems’ lead in the House by a substantial number of seats, which would begin happening in early January — which is always a nice start to things going forward, eh? Kev was in solid with Trump, and he only had to give up…

It didn’t start out that way, but on the journey I found a home and inspiration at Medium

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I have a strong creative and artistic side. But I can only do highly amateurish water color paintings, and am even worse with oils and acrylics. I can’t sing or dance, though these are two of the things I might ask God about, as I wrote in an article several months ago called Memo to God: Three Things I’d Like Just for Me. My usual vegetable and herb garden I’ve not been able to do since 2019. I needed a creative and artistic outlet.

Finding a voice, then learning to sing

I began writing on Medium in October 2020. I had a specific purpose at the time…

If you never thought it could happen in your lifetime, you have not been paying attention for the last 5 years

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Camera, can you get a light on that spot right above the Gate? What does that last part say? (reading aloud)




Crap! I thought Dante was just using poetic license there. I’m going need a minute here, guys.

A minute passes…

Alright ready, roll camera…This is Jim Acosta reporting live from the Gate of Hell. It took some doing, but I’ve finally arrived here to do this historic interview*, which could not have been arranged without the help of Sir Richard…

Stay with me here. It’s a Monday, following a Sunday when Trump really “let slip the dogs” of truth — sort of

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I know, one can get whiplash from trying to follow his and the GOP’s varying and always-changing stories on the topic. You thought January 6th was really Antifa or BLM people dressed up as Trump supporters in what the goofballs spouting that crap called a false flag operation. Right?

Only one small problem for that assertion — apart from the actual video and audio evidence, as well as the admission by many of those rioters that they were doing what Trump wanted. Alright, so there’s more than one small problem with the assertion. …

He just can’t help himself. Fake Oval Office, a sort-of Presidential Seal and entourage, president-like press conferences and travel

About as much as I miss the herniated discs in my lower back. Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Back on November 1st of 2020 I published an article on Medium (not in any publication) called The Great Pretender. It was about appreciating the lyrics from The Platters’ song of the same name, from way back in the day — and how they lent themselves well to Donald Trump. I’d only started writing on Medium the month before, and it was only my 8th article. Now, because of №45 thinking he’s still president, I get to revisit and update my earlier work and thoughts.

Still pretending, and still bad acting

First, he started playing games with the Presidential Seal, using a modified version of it…

It was to be my first article for Samra. I will rewrite it, and hope you can find some inspiration (or laughs) here

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I’m on my very slow desktop computer now. I’m hoping to get this article done in one sitting — without reaching full retirement age while seated here. Here is my story about what happened today, during which I both succeeded and failed. So you can be both happy and sad for me, right?

The Good

My last article on Medium was about an oddity involving Unsplash when working in Medium Editor. …

Turns out there is quite a history, with delusion and other problems being the 500 lb. gorilla in the room

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In a brand new Politico article on how the current threat to democracy in America has a historical comparable, Joshua Zeitz provides a fine article, some sharp insights, and 4 fascinating passages that struck me quite strongly.

Zeitz was examining the history, past-impact, and current relevance of two popular works from quite a long time ago. These are two books from the post WWII era — The Vital Center (1949) by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. and The Paranoid Style in American Politics (1964 in Harper’s Magazine, book in 1965) by historian Richard Hofstadter.

Passage №1 — need for a non-fascist right, and lamenting Neanderthal thinking

Not unlike today’s calls for — but tragic…

It’s a matter of the Space-Time Continuum — sort of

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I started writing on Medium in October 2020. Ever since I began using the Medium Editor’s tool for Unsplash, I’ve noticed a problem. I call it an issue with the Space-Time Continuum. It’s a little difficult to describe, but I’ll try.

The Space Problem

Whenever I search Unsplash for anything, as you know (if there are any images) Medium Editor plops them on the screen beginning with the first half-dozen or so images. The area of the display stating the number of images as well as the “Next” activator is right at the top of the images displayed. Cool.

But, at least on…

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