Former Trump Lawyer Shows Real Meaning of ‘MAGA’

Jenna Ellis, former Trump lawyer and mouthpiece, admits false statements and saves her law license

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I’ve heard some interesting suggestions on the meaning of the acronym “MAGA.” One of my prior favorites is Make Attorneys Get Attorneys.

But some new reporting about former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis prompted my new favorite, which I made up — Make Attorneys Grovel Aloud.

What do you think about that one?

It came to me while reading an article in Politico reporting on Jenna’s Colorado State Bar disciplinary proceedings, which were ultimately resolved by 1) both parties stipulating (agreeing) that she made 10 misrepresentations to the public, and 2) she would receive a public censure for this violation of the rules in Colorado governing attorneys.

Ms. Ellis saved her license to practice law, which is a really big deal for her … assuming she learned something from her experience and doesn’t pull a Steve Bannon and just keep doing the same thing.

I link the full opinion of the disciplinary judge here, but thought everyone would be interested in the 10 assertions Ms. Ellis admitted were “misrepresentations,” and that she had made them:

Screenshot by author, from judicial opinion, accessed 3/9/23

Do any of those misrepresentations sound familiar as coming from people other than Ms. Ellis? Trump attorneys other than Ms. Ellis?

Also, note the dates. Some of the misrepresentations prior to December 1, 2020, can perhaps be forgiven (but not for an attorney who has a higher duty to the truth than non-attorneys).

Why any forgiveness at all?

Because it wasn’t until December 1, 2020, that Trump’s Attorney General, Bill Barr, publicly declared that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the election.

And then the rest of the month of December saw Republican and Trump litigation loss after loss — mostly due to lack of evidence of any significant voter fraud.



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