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Trump will not run for a third term as president if he wins in 2024! He said so, himself.

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“What’s that you say?” Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

I know what you’re thinking: a constitutional scholar of Trump’s standing (😂) certainly knows all about the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and that anyone having served two terms as president is … what’s the word?

Oh, yeah — done.

And such a constitutional scholar as Trump certainly referred to said amendment in explaining why he will limit himself to only two terms as president. Right?

Not so much, no.

There seems little point to wondering whether Trump believes the Constitution applies to him, so let’s just roll on to his explanation(s).

Here’s the headline from a piece in The Hill that nearly caused me to spill my coffee this morning:

I swear there was a sound of brakes squealing, and a crazy crash, just like in an old cartoon, when I saw that headline.

I’ve sort of gotten to the point that I seldom pay attention to what Trump actually says, since experience has shown that it will likely be a) a lie, b) said just to push limits and buttons, or c) said just to make his MAGA cult happy.

Trump’s statements were made on “Meet the Press” on Sunday, and I’ll provide some context. It seems that Ron DeSantis and some other 2024 presidential rivals to Trump have been thinking.

Specifically, they’ve been thinking out loud … that they’re better choices for president because they’ve got the potential for two terms, and that it would take that long to get everything done.

So, the interviewer asked Trump if there was any scenario in which he’d seek a third term as president. A perfect set-up for constitutional scholar Trump to assume a look of disdain and poke fun at a silly question, referring to the 22nd Amendment as the obvious response.

What does Trump say?

Screenshot by author from The Hill article, accessed 9/19/23

So, Trump says he won’t seek a third term as president because DeSantis has no talent, and anyone who…



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