September, Budget Talks, and Unaware Senators

On the doorstep of fall, GOP leaves seem to be falling and piling up

Gippolito Ndp


Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

I was just updating my calendar for the month of September and catching up on some reading about the ever-fascinating foibles and fumbles of some members of the House and Senate.

First, and I know that certain segments of our 2023 America will consider it evil and “woke” (and will they ever be able to define that?), I see that September is Awareness Month for Blood Cancer, Gynecologic Cancer, Leukemia and Lymphoma, and (National) Ovarian Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and Thyroid Cancer.

So, I may be able to help define “woke.” It might have something to do with being aware?

Just a thought.

My calendar also tells me (for heaven’s sake!) that 9/15 to 10/15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month. I can just hear the far-right groaning over that one.

Last week a seven-man crew across the street from me — all of Hispanic heritage — did a complete roof job and had the thing done in one day — but never mind that marvelous thing. Why do they need “heritage,” and why should the rest of us care?

It’s not like they are indigenous peoples — they’re just “Mexicans.” Not like our American Indians here in Murrica.

That whole idea of Hispanic Heritage is so “woke,” right?

Wrong — just like the idea that they’re not indigenous peoples of the Americas is incorrect.

The next one that appears in the category (top line even before 9/1) is something of an enigma and will certainly confuse a great number of folks in various states, especially Florida and Texas: National Cholesterol Education Month.

Do you see the problem for certain folks?

First, there’s the education thing, which is almost a bad word in some places — and what it means for a lot of people these days is “woke” grooming.

And, of course, the whole being afraid of books thing, and the whole book banning thing, etc. How long will it be until there is book burning?

They likely don’t know what cholesterol is and won’t bother to find out since FOX “News” does not do stories…



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