What’s Next for America if Trump Wins in November?

Well, his own Truth Social post provides a clue

Gippolito Ndp
3 min readMay 21, 2024
Photo by Payton Tuttle on Unsplash

The newest buzz, now that the prosecution has rested in the New York “hush money” criminal trial? My Tuesday morning included seeing an article at nbcnews.com. Here’s the headline:

NO WAY! said I to myself. Not even Trump, his campaign, or any of his people, would do that!

But then I watched the video in his Truth Social post, of which here’s a screenshot:

Screenshot by author, from Truth Social post, accessed 5/21/24

The video is short, and you should watch it. If you’re a member of cult Trump, you’ll probably love it. If not, it might make you nauseated … fair warning.

The sickening part is there, in several places, though blurred either intentionally or necessarily— as a kicker amongst fake headlines placed in real old newspaper images about WW I.

See if you can find it in these screenshots, or if they help you to find it in the video:



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