What’s Really Happening at SCOTUS?

Is it really a Trump court now, or does it just want the last word?

Gippolito Ndp
5 min readMar 3, 2024
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In case you missed it, SCOTUS finally (taking almost two weeks) decided (sort of) to address the issue of Trump’s absolute immunity claim, as reported by CNN and other outlets.

Many people, including me, have been waiting anxiously to see how SCOTUS was going to handle the matter — surely one of the most consequential of our time, if not the most consequential.

This is from my earlier article here on Medium, following Trump losing on the issue at trial in the DC District Court and Jack Smith’s request to SCOTUS to hear the matter before the DC Circuit could weigh in:

Screenshot by author, from article on 12/13/23

Although the question the kicker asked back in December remains an open one, we all have a little bit more evidence to consider — which I outline and analyze in this article.

First, recall that SCOTUS declined Smith’s request to do the pre-judgment determination (thereby slowing things down, down, down), leaving the usual process in place … ordering that the intermediate appellate court rule first.



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