Special Counsel Jack Smith Likely Not Done With Indictments

There’s still the matter of Trump’s attempt to retain power despite his 2020 election loss

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In a prior article published on April 18th I suggested that Special Counsel Jack Smith would equivocally recommend (to Merrick Garland) that Trump not be indicted regarding Jan 6th.

I’ve had to rethink that particular idea.

In that same article in mid-April, I predicted that federal charges against Trump would be coming soon in the “other” case, likely before anticipated state charges in Georgia — and Trump’s indictment on 37 felony counts was just unsealed last week, specific to what’s become known as “the Mar-a-Lago documents case.”

That indictment came out of a grand jury in Miami, Florida — the activity of which only recently became known.

But Jack Smith’s mandate also included investigating “whether any person or entity acted unlawfully in attempting to prevent the transfer of power following the 2020 election” … culminating in the attack on the Capitol on Jan 6th. That’s in the wheelhouse of the grand jury in D.C.

Subsequent events have caused me to alter the prediction in my April 18th article regarding that matter. Chief among those reasons is the very recent (June 9) release of a redacted court order — the order that mostly denied a motion to quash and compelled former Vice President Mike Pence to testify before the D.C. grand jury.

I now believe that the D.C. grand jury will vote out indictments — I think also this month — against a number of people around the illegal attempt to keep Trump in power and the January 6th insurrection … including Trump.

There are several circumstances suggesting to me that Jack Smith likely has more indictments coming out soon — out of the D.C. grand jury.

Following reporting from various news sources that the D.C. grand jury had been inactive since May 5th, late May and early June got pretty busy with important developments:

  • Mark Meadows, Trump’s former Chief-of-Staff testified about both aspects of the investigation, Trump having eventually lost the court battle to present the testimony,



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