Trump Lawyer Speaks Out, The Plot Thickens, Mystery Deepens

Is it really just a team squabble kind of thing?

Gippolito Ndp
4 min readMay 23, 2023
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In a recent article I talked about Trump attorney Tim Parlatore becoming a former Trump attorney, and how that had a flavor of humor as well as mystery.

Well, Parlatore has since spoken out in a very interesting way, and — oddly enough — things are not really much clearer.

Let’s see if I can lay it out for you.

I read about it in a Politico article, though it’s now showing up all over the place even as I write this piece.

According to Parlatore as reported in Politico, the real reason he left is “infighting,” and essentially because there are certain individuals who made defending the president much harder. And he names Boris Epshteyn, whom, he says, had tried to interfere with them defending Trump.

Parlatore said that Epshteyn ‘served as a kind of a filter’ when it came to passing along information to the former president and also ‘attempted to interfere with’ the team’s effort to search some of Trump’s properties for classified documents.

The last bit is important, and deserves emphasis:

‘attempted to interfere with’ the team’s effort to search some of…



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