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So now we have “gleeful” to add to the attitudes and emotions of other GOP House members on that awful day

Being on the beach, playing in the sand —now that’s gleeful. Photo by Jeremiah Lawrence on Unsplash

Glee — rather out of place at that time and locale

According to herself, yes. She has pretty much deadened my ears with her BS, but this takes the bloody cake

A dung beetle on some dung. Closest to BS I could find. Photo by Jane Stroebel on Unsplash

A post-mortem on the September 18th “Justice for J6” Rally

Much ado about nothing, wrapped in flash. Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Maybe it’s just my idea of America, but I had to tell it before forgotten

My boy Thor, shared again in case his cancer is serious. Image by author

Small town

Called “Justice for J6” but is not likely to really be for that purpose

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Jeez, really? But it turns out acting like you’re looking for death has downsides apart from actually finding it

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It never was, and any woman should be treated like a lady and with respect no matter what a stupid law says

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The old brain, processing bits and bytes

Just little slivers of Hope, really, but welcome nonetheless

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  • As of this writing, my county’s fully-vaccinated contingent has grown to 36.7%, which is roughly doubled. …

Trump and supporters are already doing it again — in the California Recall Election

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  • to claim — without evidence — that mail-in ballots are different from absentee ballots, and are rife with issues and fraud
  • to claim that the only way Democrats could win is if there the election…

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