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Nobody seems to be asking the question, but to me it seems pretty important

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It’s become like a black hole, sucking all matter and even light into it

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His latest viral monologue was right on point, and America should take serious notice

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The aspect-shift of an object when observed from two different viewpoints — who says Republicans eschew science?

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Blatant misinformation, right here on Medium. We may never get out of the morass.

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The report is titled Subverting JUSTICE. It is a very appropriate title.

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Many are using God and Faith as justification for deadly behavior

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Sounds pretty crazy, right? Hear me out

Image from Rolling Stone article, downloaded 9/20/21

Donald writes a letter when he should lay low and shut up

The letter that is the lead image for this article was something that puzzled me mightily. …

Yes folks, in a salvage attempt, the Kraken lawyer has dreamed up yet another alternate reality…or is it real?

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Gippolito Ndp

Dad, G-dad, veteran, semi-retired lawyer, archaeologist, writer

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